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After much delay I’m happy to say that Fractal #2 will be launching in September. The script is going over the finishing touches with the help of my editor, Alexander Burbridge, who was also the editor on the previous issue. Self-publishing is a side project for me since it is something I do for the enjoyment as it is not something that can pay the bills. I work in addition to finishing my college degree. I over estimated the amount of time I would have to work on the second issue, which is the main cause of the delays. But, nevertheless, shortly Buci will be coming back to work on the sequential artwork. Along with Keith Perkins handling the lettering.

Visit my upcoming schedule for 2017 which I keep updated with all of my comic book and small press conventions. I’ve got new and cool T-Shirt designs and lapel pins that will be available online and at my next small press expo.

Thanks for everyone that supported issue #1, if you haven’t already, you can pick up both digital and hard copies of the first issue here. The second issue will be available on the same platforms.