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After approximately ten months of development, the Kickstarter campaign launch is right around the corner October 6th 2015. The script is complete, it was passed to my editor, and is back to me to place the finishing touches. I am really excited about this project, first creator owned work collaborating with a fantastic artist in the industry. Being my first comic book, I worked really hard on the script and the art direction, and any area I thought would help the comic attract readers of science fiction and thriller. With that said, I believe I have accomplished what I set out do, but now I need to call upon the comic book and crowdfunding community to help produce this series.

This first issue will be funded on Kickstarter, and if we meet one of our stretch goals, we could be seeing issue no. 2 funded in this one launch. The rewards are lively and plentiful, and the page should give you a clear idea of what to expect with this mini-series.

The work by Marco Turini is like no other. We went with two different watercolor styles; one stylishly gritty for outdoor scenes, and the other more colorful and dramatic for indoor panels. I focused a lot on transitions and subtle continual visual themes throughout the issue.

I hope to make this a successful Kickstarter, so feel free to communicate with me via email or social media. I cannot do this without my fans.

Link to Kickstarter Here

-Daejuan Jacobs