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I appreciate anyone willing to take time to read and become involved in this upcoming project. Fractal is aiming at being the breakthrough Science Fiction & Drama comic book series this year. Everyday I want to present the community with updates of progression on this self-published 4-part mini-series.

While still in the development stages, here is a basic premise that should give people insight on what this series will become. I encourage anyone to sign up to out newsletter, and follow us on social media. You’ll always get up to date information on the project. We promise we won’t flood your inbox with useless information. Please feel free to get involved whether it’s via the disqus comment system, social media post or just a quick email.

Fractal is a dark and gritty science fiction series that takes place in the distant future. A passive aggressive federal security agent and his eccentric confidential heroine find themselves involved in something larger than expected. Citizens start experiencing uncanny memories and thoughts of the future. And after a major terrorist attack, and a bizarre disappearing incident at a political event, a government agent and an underground hacker discover a secret the nation state and its private sector contractors have been hiding for decades. Making use of their unconventional resources to traverse the corrupt and violent city environment they try to uncover the cause of these mysterious incidents. With the help of a few covert resistance groups, they must trace the steps leading back to the origin of these outlandish events before they succumb to the system of things.

There exists a universal currency, which has its fair share of supporters and opponents. Countries with valuable natural resources have been turned into farms. Technology, owned by a handful of companies have replaced a lot of human jobs. Global economy is largely influenced by the world’s top nations. Essentially private corporations and government entities have combined in quest for a common goal. Nanotechnology helps with health ailments. Individualists are more individualistic than their forefathers. Same goes for collectivism. People are easily distracted by the mainstream media. Space exploration was halted when new pocket dimension(s) were detected. Inter-dimensional travel is said to be possible, but not in the current generation. In actuality, the “combined nation” has been traveling between for a little under a decade in secrecy. Leaving many conspiracies floating around on the Internet.

The general morale in most areas are low, due to the oppression of the private corporations and the all but useless government. The society is mostly conservative, where upper class rules and the middle class is all but removed. The typical design of any city’s landscape is expressly urban and vertical; it’s a modern big city center, with a ghetto on the outside. Most of the city is dirty and grimy in any given location. This is except for the high-income areas that almost appear to be located in a different time period. Technology has advanced naturally. Buildings are taller with advanced technology and automation. Cars still can’t fly, no significant improvements faster than current self-driving electric vehicles. But due to the lopsided economic structure, most lower class individuals can not afford cars. Public transportation is the predominant means of getting around the landscape. People are generally optimistic about their class issues, and are frequently distracted with social media trends and reality TV. People are severely attached to their cell phones and social media sharing platforms. There are several underground movements whose goal is to try and uncover big business and government wrong doings, though they are usually dismissed as conspiracy theorists. The wealthy have taken the best land for themselves, leaving others stuck in areas where land square footage is too small to maintain the population comfortably. Mass public transportation is prevalent, self-driving cars are the norm for people that can afford them. The middle-class has all but disappeared, though most are too naive to realize.